The Newport Christian Potter’s House Church is a full gospel, evangelical, Pentecostal church which was started in 1996  through pioneering efforts of Pastor Doug Moss and his wife Diane under the financial support of The Door Church of El Paso. Our church is a part of a global network of churches with over 400 national churches and 2000 churches worldwide. It is affiliated with Christian Fellowship Ministries founded by Pastor Wayman Mitchell, senior pastor of The Potter’s House Church of Prescott, Arizona.

Beginning in 1973, this body (originally First Foursquare Church) has mothered an entire fellowship of churches which go by various names. These include The Door, The Potter’s House, Victory Chapel, The Lighthouse, and Living Waters.

One unique facet of Christian Fellowship Ministry churches is the discipleship and training of couples within the local congregations for the purpose of planting churches. True to the same vision Newport Potter’s House Church released their pastor to the mission field in Dublin Ireland in 2014 and have since returned to their pastorate in Newport.

About Our Pastor:

For over two decades,
Pastor Doug Moss has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of healing all around the world.  He also pioneered a new church in San Antonio, was on staff in the El Paso Door Church, and was a missionary to Dublin for 2 1/2 years. He returned as the senior pastor in Newport Potter’s House after his missionary work in Dublin and continues to see many miracles through the power of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Moss and his wife Diane have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and currently resides in Toledo, Oregon.



Contact us:

If you would like more information regarding our church, please feel free to send us request and we will be happy to contact you and discuss with you more.